Landlords, property managers, real estate speculators, debt collectors, police and sheriffs, be warned—in this community, we defend each other. Home is not a private enclosure that separates us into tiny fiefdoms that can be divided and conquered one by one; it the collective solidarity that we build in the process of standing up for each other and intervening whenever we see harm being done.

The more each of us resists, the safer all of us will be.

Some Resources for Tenant Solidarity and Eviction Defense

Disclaimer: No vultures were harmed in the designing or production of this poster. The metaphor of landlords being “vultures” is a non-ecological understanding of the important role that scavengers play in ecosystems. Vultures and other scavengers don’t terrorize and exploit other living animals the way landlords do. All other things being equal, we’d better off if every landlord were magically transformed into an actual vulture.